Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life is a little less shiney....

When you find out the one that got away is ridiculously successful and happy......Yeah, that one stings just the tiniest bit. I mean yes there's pain and jealousy issues there and over the years they have slowly faded to only mildly annoying pin pricks, but you always "want the best" for that person despite it all. Getting the "Life is Wonderful" bomb thrown on you will turn those annoying little pins into jabs of a switchblade in no time.

In my world, however, there's a limit to what "best" gets to entail. "Best" should be that they are an 9 out of 10 when it comes to really taking a hard look at their life. Things are good (aside from the tiny pin pricks, it's only fair they have them too), but not perfect and they can live with that. For example, best does not mean the other person winning the lotto, but winning a few scheckles in your weekly pocker game is cool. This does not mean I hope they get to ride off into the sunset with the girl of their dreams and it most certainly does not mean I hope they stumble into an amazing career and be all successful and happy.

Am I bitter? Maybe. Do I feel like being over or above it all? Not really. Should I not Google when I can't handle all possible results? Probably. These are all realizations one comes to when attempting to live life like an adult.