Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walking away from crazy....

I wasn't sure I was ready to move when I agreed to all of this business. I mean, the house I had was great and moving is awful. But I did it, despite my better judgement and my very last few minutes at the old house let me know that I made The right choice.

After days of packing, loading and unloading the move was finally complete. I packed the last few odds and ends along with my cleaning supplies into the truck and took on last look around the old digs. I'll admit, at this point I was getting a little emo. I had had a lot of good times in that place, lots of memories. Then crazy decided to strike...

I turned around to see the old woman from across the street coming over with her dog. Crap! I had made eye contact, there was no way out of this conversation. I smiled and gave her one last friendly neighborhood greeting.

Crazy Lady: "Do you own this place?"
Me: "Um, no my parents do. Did you need something?"

CL: "I need to speak to the landlord, who do I speak to?"
Me: "You can speak to me, I'm the property manager. What is it?" Slowly backing away....

CL: "There was someone moving here late last night and my bricks are gone."
Me: "That was my roommate. Are you implying that she stole your bricks?"

CL: "Those bricks were a barrier to keep the speeders off my property, it's not safe you know. Speeding. I just want to keep the neighborhood safe."
Me: "Well, I can assure you that none of us took you bricks. As you've seen we have enough stuff to move as it is."

CL: "I bet it was that man the rummages on our street, he used to work for Mr. ______ and now he rummages. I know because Mr. _____ told me and I know him personally.......well, not intimately, I'm a married woman."
Me: "Okaaaaay. Well, it was nice talking with you. I need to get back to moving. Thanks for keeping the neighborhood safe."

CL:"I have to apologize, I don't have my teeth in. They are new and they hurt."
Me: "Oh, ahhh....That's OK."
CL: "I have to keep the kids out of the street and make that dog (referring to the other neighbor's dog) stop barking. His owner was killed you know. And I was going to take him but he;s too much for me to handle you know....."
Me: "Yeah he is pretty loud. Well, like I said back to moving. You have a good day."
CL: "Joe! Oh Joe! we nee dot keep that new dog of yours quiet." As she wanders off to the other neighbors house.

And that sealed the deal, I no longer miss that house or the crazy ass neighbors.